David L. DenHartigh

You demand to work with the best legal representative Salem has to offer. Your desire for quality representation is understandable; your lawyer could be all that stands between you and a harsh criminal sentence.

During this difficult time, you can take solace in the exceptional counsel and representation provided by David L. DenHartigh. A proud solo practitioner, David L. DenHartigh has a long history of success in criminal and traffic law. He is committed to representing your best interests in all legal settings and situations.

Academic Background

As committed to education as he is to law, David L. DenHartigh boasts an impressive academic resume. He began his inspiring journey as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, graduating in 1976 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. His undergraduate years provided a strong foundation that he continues to draw on to this day. From there, he continued on at the University of Wisconsin, enrolling in the institution’s esteemed law school. He emerged with his Juris Doctor in 1982.

Professional History

Since graduating from law school, David L. DenHartigh has established an impressive career as a Salem criminal defense and traffic ticket attorney. His clients consistently praise him for his committed service and clear understanding of criminal defense and traffic law. His solo practice provides tailored representation, with the full recognition that each client is unique and has different priorities. He has been commended by numerous satisfied clients, who are consistently impressed by his professionalism, dedication, and sheer understanding of the local legal system.

Legal Approach

David L. DenHartigh believes that there is no substitute for zealous defense, particularly for those accused of committing serious crimes. He is clearly at ease in tense legal settings, and his ability to navigate difficult situations provides a much-needed confidence boost for his valued clients. When meeting privately with clients, however, he is unfailingly compassionate. He understands the stress and anxiety the criminal justice system can prompt. He doesn’t judge his clients based on their legal circumstances; he shows them the respect they deserve.

As you search for the perfect Salem criminal defense attorney, consider working with David L. DenHartigh. Highly respected and committed to your best interests, he will work tirelessly to provide the quality of defense you deserve. Reach out today to learn more about his legal background and his current approach to law.