Tough case

I had a hard time finding an attorney to represent me with out a huge retainer. I was being sued for a large amount of money and the plaintiff had a lot of money and hired a large law firm. David was not intimidated and did not ask for a ridiculous retainer fee. he immediately went on the offensive, counter sued. and got the other side to drop their suit. Took about two weeks…… thanks David!

- (5 star review)

Seat Belt Violation

This lawyer agreed to represent me on a seat belt violation I received just days before leaving the country. He was able to get the court date continued twice until I returned nine months later, despite my return date to the US being changed several times. He was prompt in his response to my e-mail inquiries and kept me well informed of continuances. At one point, the court mistakenly revoked my driving privilege and he jumped right on it, having the court restore my license. When I returned to the US and went to court the violation was dismissed.

- (4 star review)

Good lawyer, you should hire him

He is the best lawyer I have ever had, he honesty and care for his client. His charge is average even below. He is very knowledgable. He practice law so many years. It is not easy to find such experience lawyer in Salem area

- (5 star review)