Every day, wonderful Salem residents face criminal charges. Anxious and ashamed, many fail to seek the quality representation they deserve. As a result, they struggle through the legal process and ultimately receive needlessly harsh sentences.

David L. DenHartigh is committed to ending this problem. A highly respected Salem criminal defense attorney, he has a long history of success in criminal court. He advocates passionately on behalf of his clients, who appreciate his zealous approach and his in-depth legal understanding. With his help, clients are able to achieve reduced charges, not guilty verdicts, or even case dismissals.

Criminal Matters Handled By David L. DenHartigh

David L. DenHartigh takes on a broad spectrum of criminal matters. He proudly represents those who have been accused of drug possession, assault, burglary, DUII, or several other misdemeanors and felonies. He does not judge clients based on the circumstances surrounding their case or the severity of their alleged crimes. Instead, he provides the respectful counsel they desire. He ensures that clients feel comfortable at his law office and confident as they enter the courtroom. His assistance spans the entirety of the criminal justice process, beginning with questioning at the time of arrest and continuing into the courtroom, if necessary.

The Repercussions of Criminal Charges in Salem

In a competitive economic and housing market, Salem residents cannot afford any marks on their record. Unfortunately, despite ban the box legislation, employers remain reluctant to hire criminal offenders, regardless of their circumstances or whether their charges relate in any way to the jobs for which they apply. Landlords are likewise unwilling to take on those with any criminal history. Some landlords even reject prospective residents with petty misdemeanor charges.

As the cliche states, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; strong legal representation now can prevent numerous career and housing problems down the road.

It’s perfectly normal to feel frightened or angry after being arrested. Don’t let these feelings paralyze you or prevent you from taking action. With David L. DenHartigh on your side, you can avoid harsh repercussions and move on with your life with full confidence — and no criminal record. Get in touch today to learn more about criminal defense services David L. DenHartigh provides, and how he can assist you through all steps of the criminal justice process.