Speeding tickets strike the very best drivers in Salem and throughout the state of Oregon, leaving them with extensive fines. Furthermore, those pulled over on multiple occasions risk license suspension, which can make it difficult to commute to work and other obligations.

Paying fines attached to speeding or traffic tickets is not always a suitable option. If you’re hoping to fight your current traffic charges, it behooves you to work with David L. DenHartigh. He will represent your best interests and help you avoid everything from increased insurance rates to license suspension.

Speeding and Traffic Penalties in Oregon

The state of Oregon does not employ a points system. Instead, traffic violations are generally weighted equally, with an excessive number of infractions potentially leading to license suspension. Unfortunately, this approach leaves those with several minor violations at greater risk of losing their driving privileges.

Although speeding is a top traffic violation in Oregon, it is by no means the only infraction that can harm residents’ driving records. Drivers can also receive tickets for failing to stop at lights or stop signs, not yielding at crosswalks, or texting while driving. More serious charges include reckless driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These can lead not only to fines and suspension, but also criminal charges.

When Paying the Fine Is Not an Option: Working With a Salem Speeding and Traffic Ticket Attorney

Upon receiving a traffic ticket, your first impulse may be to pay the attached fine and move on with your life. This temptation is understandable, but it could cost you considerably in the long-run. Although your record will not accumulate points as it might in other states, you will still be at an increased risk of license suspension, especially if you have been convicted of traffic violations in the past. Furthermore, you are likely to suffer a significantly higher insurance rate.

Thankfully, strong legal representation can help you avoid that dreaded fine, plus associated insurance hikes and other problems. If you’re not content to sit back and pay the fine for your traffic allegations, you can count on Salem speeding and traffic ticket attorney David L. DenHartigh for assistance. He will defend your best interests, ensuring that you emerge with a favorable outcome. Reach out at your earliest convenience to learn more about your options.